Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station, placed on Zeya river near the Zeya town.

Main information

The Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station is the first large-scale station in Pacific Russia built in the area of a severe continental climate with the annual temperature range difference up to 80° Cin the permafrost region.

Thanks to construction of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station already in 1975 and on flooding of the Zeya River (which used to cause great damage) was eliminated. There for the first time in Russia in severe climatic conditions was constructed the massive gravitation dam with recesses between buttresses to create a constant-temperature regime for favourable stress conditions of the dam in the environment characteristic of great fluctuations of the outer air temperatures.

A volume of concrete required for the start-up of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station came to a half of the designed and the amount of investment - to less than 60% of the Project construction total costs. These figures are very low for the Russian hydropower construction engineering.

There was used a new design of a ski-jump bucket spillway for effective transition of the falling water flow to the tail race.

There appeared in Pacific Russia the first artificial lake, that is, a water storage basin of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station with its total storage capacity of 68.42 cu km. During construction of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station was utilized a previously accumulated expertise in the Russian hydroelectric power station construction practice. The hydroelectric power project has been designed by the leading specialists of the Leningrad «HydroProject» Branch of the S.Ya. Zhuk Order-of-Lenin AH-Russian Design - and - Survey and Research Institute.

The Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station is unique. There were installed for the first time in the world powerful adjustable-blade diagonal-flow turbines. They were designed in such a way that the blades are not horizontal but installed at 45° to the axis. It allows to start the turbines even at low levels of water at the water storage basin.

Construction of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station's structures was supervised by the «Zeya-GESstroi» Construction Administration and such specialized organizations as the «HydroMontage», «Hy-droElectroMontage», and «SpetsHydroEnergoMontage»companies. The Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station is a complex hydropower system. Its importance is manifested not only in kWhr figures; it regulates the level of the Zeya River which prevents flooding of the lower Zeya and Amur rivers. Old inhabitants of Zeya and Blagoveshchensk cities as well as riverside villages remember those losses and damages caused by flooding. During downpour seasons at the north the Zeya River having burst into freedom used to flood hundreds of hectares of fertile lands, meadows, crops and threatened even large cities. The Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station's dam has tamed the rowdy nature of the Zeya River for good.

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